Been a while.....

and here's a quick shotty video I took while in Hawaii.

A Brave Little Turtle from bschulz on Vimeo.


All CG

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

this is amazing. I can't believe it's all CG. Have to share.


Xray Anaylsis of Speech

It's pretty interesting to see what's going on inside your mouth when you talk. At least it is if your me, though I bet some of you might like this as well. ;)


It's a quick 2 min time waster of the day but extremely facinating.



I've found mine for the day. Some great blending of Stop motion animation and CGI animation from a company called Meindbender.

Really inspiring stuff. Check it out.


Cool Animated Ad

I know i don't post often...but this is really nice and clean. I enjoyed it a lot. Thought i'd pass it on.