Mad*L Toys!

So I'm in love with these cool vinyl toys this designer named Jeremy Mad*L has been making.

I got one as a gift a little while ago (and then another as a gift a few weeks later) and now I just want more and more of them. They are simple yet awesome! Here's a link to some of them. MAD*L Figures.

I'm trying to contain myself from buying so many of them but it's pretty damn near impossible. I went to Kid Robot today and bought "El Luche" because he was the only one there I didn't have. Then I bought some Tower Records Limited Edition one off the web, and there are some that are limited editions only sold in Europe which I'm pretty jealous about because those will be hard to find. PLUS he has a lot of shows and sells custom ones which are just plain sick. Anyways, i'm just obsessed with these guys right now for some reason. I should really spend my money on something else. Darn Toys!!


Being a parent in Animation

I was watching Frank and Ollie the other day and heard something Frank said that made me perk up. To paraphrase it he said, "once you see the film of your drawings your hooked on animation and nothing else can give you the same feeling, nothing can give you that feeling of life. you feel like a parent who's just sent their kid to school, you don't own this guy up on the screen anymore, you did for a while, and you were very close for a while, but now there he is, making it on his own, making decisions on their own and making it by themselves."

I've always thought about why it's so hard to let go of an animation. I thought it was because maybe I/we are perfectionists, and I'm sure some of it has to do with that, but after hearing that it dawned on me that when animating, your investing a lot of heart and time in it and to then just say..."ok i'm done with you now" isn't an easy thing to do. I don't know about you guys but I tend to never really feel completely satisfied with my work, or that it's 'done.' Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not? ...but it does pretty much suck sometimes when you have to let somethings go into production...you look at it later after learning new things or just let your eyes become 'fresh' again and think...dangit. I should'a done this...tweaked that, could'a made this better...oh oh, can i have it back so i can tweak this. yada yada yada. It's scary yet thrilling all at the same time. Never really thought about it this way but I guess that's why parents tend to get emotional when their kids go off to college. heh. Anyways, just a random thought I had today.


. New Slang .

So yea, this is it. Simple, done, easy. Not sure what I'm even gonna post up here, animation junk/tips/info/notes? eh, maybe. Guess then I'd have to put up one of those quirky disclaimers or something for my employers sake, and for the sake of my job I may stray from some of those things, however tips and tricks are fair game I'd think. Hmm, what else? Rants and raves about my day, life, friends, products, etc. Yea, that sounds good. May get boring since I tend to write run on sentences and or go off on strange tangents when I talk, so I don't blame ya if you bail on the site. ;) If you don't though...cool!!

If your wondering where my old site (OG site) went it's over there to your right under the 'Me' section. Dunno why'd you'd even wanna go there but who knows...


yep, jumped on the blog bandwagon. at least it's easier to update. hold tight while i figure out how to make this page more appealing to look at, even though i think there's a lot of embedded info in these blogger templates.

i figured i wasn't really into updating my portfolio site that much so I think this will make things easier. I'll proly do some overhauling on that site as well as I really don't like some of the work on there, for now this is pretty easy to update.