Double Feature Night

A few weeks ago some friends from work and I went to see some Spy double features at the Castro Theatre in SF just for shitz and giggles (and it's a tax write off and it's just plain fun to see old movies on the big screen with friends...oh AND it's kinda like research er something, heh). So yea, last night we went again to see another double feature at the Castro Theatre. For anyone who lives in the bay area and hasn't seen a movie there I highly recommend it. The Theatre is incredible. Not only is the inside beautiful, in between movies a guy comes up outta the stage and plays the Organ on double feature nights. It's fun, they even have 'chilled' junior mints!! Chilled I say!! Back to the movies I saw though. It was a Warren Beatty double feature night.

YOu know when your going to see two Warren Beatty movies made in the 60-70's your get'n Beatty AND his hair in their prime. Good stuff I tell ya. I'd never seen either movies nor had I seen a trailer so my views were completely untainted. The Parallax View was just great as far as movies go. It was a conspiracy movie with some great shots, acting etc. See it if you haven't!

Mickey One (not on DVD!!) was a tooooooootal surprise. I was a little tired after the first movie, but some candy helped keep me awake. I was thinking, eh, maybe i'll go home early and ditch this second movie and get some stuff done, but I'm soooo glad I didn't. I was laughing my ass off because the acting was funny, sometimes the movie would take spins in directions I had no idea where they were going but then somehow would come back full circle. Little kwirky things would happen here and there that were just awesome. I dont' know how else to describe it in words...i gotta act it out or something to do it any justice. Beatty is a comedian who's in a jam. His lifes been threatened and he's scared of everything, especially since he's becoming more popular in the buisness as the movies progresses. I read somewhere on a site that with a Stan Getz score improvising throughout, this looked and sounded like no other American film of its time, and I couldn't agree more. I highly recommend seeing Mickey One if you ever get the chance. Better yet, go see a movie at the Castro Theatre. It's fun!
ps. sorry for the horrible english/grammar/etc.. I don't have time to proof read right now. ;)


Stop Motion Fun for Everyone

Just got my tickets for Corpse Bride. I can't wait!! I just hope the story is good. The Character designs look amazing.

Then pretty soon after the Curse of the Were-Rabbit comes out!!!

Ohhhh sweet stop motion goodness everywhere. I'm looking forward to it.