Flavored Toothpaste Anyone?

So my officemate and I are talking this morning about toothpaste...mainly cuz i didn't brush my teeth this morning (however I do have a supply of toothpaste and a toothbrush here at work for those overnighters or in cases like this where i just woke up and didn't brush'm) So I went to get a coffee with toothpaste and brush in pocket, forgot to brush my teeth AGAIN because I was engaged in a conversation while waiting for my coffee to be prepared. (I got a mocha and I can't make those myself) So when I got back I was like "curses!! I forgot to brush me teeth again" Then realized it's proly better to brush'm after my coffee anyways. Then my officemate says...."we'll I dunno what kinda toothpaste you got buttttttttt..." and I was like...*ding* oh yea, that usually tastes pretty nasty, fresh teeth combined with coffee *ack* it's almost as bad as fresh teeth and OJ. So then I say jokingly, "now if I had coffee flavored toothpaste....*eyebrows up*.....that'd be a different story." My officemate then goes..."speaking of flavored toothpaste...I was at the pet store the other day (he just got a new puppy!! that jerk! I so jealous)...and he and his wife were in the hygiene section and they noticed THEY DID have flavored toothpaste (for the dogs of course). For example, chicken or liver flavored. Which then got me thinking of all sorts of flavors WE could have. Like pizza or burrito flavor for example...do you think you'd brush your teeth loooonger or more often if your toothpaste tasted like a food you loved? It'd proly be a bit weird but I wonders........anyways, just a random stupid thought.

*ps. we also thought this was a great idea for a prank - unless of course the doggie toothpaste looked like grout or something other than what our toothpaste looks like.* - might be funny.

*pss. if anyone reads this blog and I find out you've made billions off this food flavored toothepaste idea...my officemate and I want a cut - i mean think about all the different flavors you could have, and from a marketing standpoint it'd be great. People would probably buy multiple flavors because who'd want to brush their teeth with broccoli everday, they'd need variety. Or maybe that's why they don't make it, people may riot because they have to spend so much money on toothpaste...thus leading us back to our current state...1-3 flavors of toothpaste. DANGIT! hehehe*



How awesome is this game!!

Honestly, World of Warcraft is such an amazing game. I'm totally admiting how nerd I am here, but the game is crazy. Not only does it encourage you to work together with friends or even other people around the world to complete quests (and not to mention how elaborate and challenging single player is), but apparently it's coded so well/crazy that it almost has a mind of it's own. Just recently a mysterious plague showed up within the vitual world of warcraft which the programmers didn't intend to have happen. To me that's just so cool and amazing. It's like the virtual world was programmed so well that it kinda just evolved on it's own or something. Like the matrix or something. Here's the original article.

Regardless of how many hours of my life I'm wasting playing this game, i'm glad i picked it up. Even though it IS addicting as hell and can make you realllllly sleepy in dailies because you've been up playing it into the wee hours of the night trying to do....just....one......more.....quest......before..........bed! It's still amazing.

...and we joke about how nerd we are at work for geek'n out about this game but truth be told, it's just an amazing online game.

OH, and I almost forgot. You KNOW it's a cool game when Dave Chappelle even loves it. Here's the proof!