Sox Win the world series!!! So awesome. I grew up loving the White Sox, even liked them when they sucked...which happened to be for the majority of my life thus far...hah, oh well. I don't really follow baseball too much, def. not one of those guys who likes to spit out numbers when talking about it to show off how much i know about my team or how well i know my baseball videogames stats, but i did play it all my life up until my later teens, then i found out about art and guess i got absorbed or something. Anyways, we're straying off topic...man that was the easiest world series evar!! Too bad my nerd brother likes the cubs...just goes to show you, big brothers are always right. (i kid).

I wish i could be in Chicago for the festivities. *Curses!*

Anywyas, Sick!


The Masters

So some of my fellow, and VERY inspirational, co-workers/teachers/mentors and friends have started a blog. It's huge. Spline Doctors. For those of you in the know, in terms of the blog'n world, I'm sure you already know about this but if you not....then theses guys are awesome. Check out their blog for anim info. and a few giggles. These guys know their $hit! I kid you not.


All Apologies

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm pretty swamped at the moment. You understand right?? :P Thanks.