So as i mentioned in the previous post about the insane amount of product that went into that Sony commercial, we did something similar to a buddy at work this week. Carlos thought he was coming back from vacation to a quiet office and slow transition onto another project but no. As he opened his door he found $900 (which was raised in one afternoon) worth of packing peanuts in his office (filled almost to the top) and many video cameras witnessing this prank. DOH!

needless to say...that's a lot o' peanuts.
Carlos was owned! Much love.



Sony Commercial

Sony was just in SF recently to shoot some videos for their new displays which resulted in them dropping a quarter MILLION super balls down a couple of big boy SF hills. The final commercial (mov) was just awesome, along with that someone in SF who lived on one of the streets took a home video (mpg) while it was happening. I didn't get to see it personally but it's pretty darn cool...

I wanna know where all these super balls are now...

At work today we did something similar to a friend and well known online pimp Carlos Baena. Stay tuned for that...



So as I was putting books away at my new place last night (after about 3 hours of setting up a darn bookshelf) I was kinda organizing books by literature, anim ref. art, etc. etc and I picked up my Calvin and Hobbes collection and paused........art? or anim. ref.? I realized only seconds after thinking about it that it's OBVIOUS! It's anim. ref. Bill Watterson has such amazing poses that it'd be too good to put in the art section. I'd have to go into my always expanding 'anim research section.' heheh...nerd. Anyways, just found these online...don't have much time to post up specific examples but i thought theses were pretty rad.

Man, I felt like i just found treasure at that moment. I'd forgotten how awesome they were. I"m looking forward to being all moved into my place and can sit on the couch and re-read all of my Calvin and Hobbes again.

It'd be awesome to see how well Bill Watterson would transition into animation, 2d hopefully! Kinda rambling but I'd like to see it. ;)

*EDIT - Holy Crap. Dr. Stephen G. just stole my post on Spline Doctors!! Dangit..AND he had his up earlier than me. *Curses!* oh well...just verify's what I was sayin. :P