"Wax oooon, Wax offfffff" :(

Actor Pat Morita Dies at 73

For those of you not familiar with Pat Morita, you may recall a small little asian man who was incredibly popular after his role in The Karate Kid as
Mr. Miyagi. I know this isn't as interesting as I claimed I'd get something substancial up on my blog yesterday but I read this this morning and felt I should write up something small in honor of Mr. Miyagi.

Kinda intersting was a few weeks ago at work a few friends and i took our lunch hour and watched all 3 (we excluded 4 for obvious reasons) Karate Kids in honor of their brilliance. Little did we know this would happen. A darn shame if you ask me, was still pretty young. Regardless. May he rest in peace.


Happy Thanksgiving

I swear, I'll update cooler stuff soon (this holiday weekend I plan on going through all my Paris pics and I'll try and post a few up and talk a bit about my trip, and hopefully some animation stuff as well - lots to do these next 4 days). For now....Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Make sure you gain some weight during the holiday. It'd be a shame if you didn't. ;P