AH HA! I've got some news to post! Well....there's a few things actually. So you may or may not have noticed that my 'old portfolio site' went down. Basically there was lots of traffic so I took it down because my buddy hosts the site and I was kinda sick of going over my limit each month, he says it's cool but i know he's hard up for cash theses days and it's supposed to cost me money when I go over my limit, so I took it down for a bit. Reason being...and good news, is that I never liked that site anyways or that work that was on it for that matter. I couldn't stand to look at most of that stuff. I only made it really a while back for ease of job searches and things like that. However it's good to see every now and again how you've progressed and where you came from and think about what you'd change knowing now what you didn't know then. So now that it's down I can try and upgrade it a bit with semi newer stuff (and I'll proly keep the not so awesome stuff up there as well for progressions sake maybe???) oh, and finally fix buttons and such that were annoying to push, etc. etc. etc. I may throw up something in the meantime to tide people over who want to see some animation or something. Check that link every once and a while maybe? ;)

Another bit of awesome news is that I'm going to be teaching some classes at Animation Mentor which I couldn't be more excited about. For those of you who read this and don't know what that is, it's an online animation school taught by industry professionals. Check out the website. Not only will I be able to pass on stuff I've learned over the years but I'm sure I'll also learn a lot in the process from everyone else. (There's always something you can learn) So I'm pretty stoked about that.

Obviously now I'm gonna be a lot busy'r but I'll try and keep this place updated with little nuggets from time to time....meantime I can't stress how great the spline doctors blog is if your looking for blog'n animation gold. GOLD i tell you!

k bye


$5 Movies Through January

For those of you in the San Francisco area.

Loews Cineplex (the Metreon in SF) is offering $5.00 movies for the month of January (Monday-Thursday). Happy Holidays!
In their annual act of supreme generosity, the good folks at Lowes
Theatres are offering their patrons movie tickets for only $5
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This coupon will also get you a free size upgrade when you purchase a
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This offer is part of the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend. More
details on that are at: http://www.nytmarketing.com/alw/index.htm

Sweeeeet. Sorry, just spread'n the news for now...