Devil Makes Three

My friend Loren introduced this band to me a little over a year ago and I went to their show before ever even hearing them and it was awesome. I got 2 cd's (which didn't do them justice compaired to how they play in concert) but I'm happy to say that they are back in town and I'm stoked to be going to the show tonight. So excited! Band is The Devil Makes Three. Check'm out if you can.

Went to beautiful Tahoe the past two weekends snowboarding so I'm looking forward to doing some work around my place and take'n it easy this weekend. Should be easy to do due to this stinky weather (although I may go snowboarding on monday - undecided). Pretty swamped at work right now. Which is a good thing, keeps me busy and in the right frame of mind (hence why no bloggy). I'll try and post up something animation related next time. I realized I haven't done that in a while. Too busy yap'n. Animation Mentor is awesome. My students are awesome. Proly better than I was when I just started....which is exciting. So you can see...busy busy. Anyways, time to shower and get this weeekend started.


I suck...

I know....I'll post something soon.