Russell Peters Tonight!

Heading to a comedy show tonight which should be pretty good. I missed Dave Chappelle a few weeks ago but this guys a decent substitute.


His Site

One of his skits

"sommmebody gonna get-a hurt real bad!"




Wow. So I've always wanted one of those cool looking macs, just never had all the applications, games, power, etc I've needed. Now I think I'll be get'n one for sure. I wish I could justify upgrading my laptop at the moment but I guess I'll have to wait a bit before I really take the plundge...however, waiting will only give me more ease of mind that they are flushing out the bugs while I'm waiting. :)


So not to be a link whore or anything but here's two really cool pieces of animation I've run across in the last few days. Kinda different, almost stop-mo feel, but really cool.

One is by a studio called studioAKA who've I've always admired, I fell in love with their "Pica Towers" series and really wish they'd do more of that stuff. They visited work a while ago and showed us some pretty awesome WIP pieces which made me like them even more but here's the new clip.

The Big Win

The other clip I recently found in my e-mail box, I must have liked the video and didn't want to forget about it so I e-mailed it to myself a while ago and now it's ressurected. It's a music video called At a Glance which was created by Eugene and Birg, the band is a Belgian band called Sioen.




ok ok. So i've slacked a TON on this blog. I've been pretty busy I swear. I just finished the first semester teaching at Animation Mentor and it was a blast. My students def. improved which was great to see. Things are getting heavier at work and so I opt'd out for teaching the next semester. I'd rather save some energy for work and not be all burned out on my students. I'd love to go back and teach again though when things slow down again. It was great remembering all the things I was taught in school and being able to relay that to the students. Heck, I even need to take my own advice sometimes. Sometimes we get caught up in deadlines that we take for granted those silly rules about spacing and things like that in animation, so it was great to have a refresher on the 'principles' of animation.

ummm...so yea, also in my absence I went to a few shows...had a birthday...went snowboarding quite a bit...had a very close friend in the hospital...got my place a bit more organized...etc. etc. boring stuff you don't really wanna hear about.

I should be able to update this more frequently now since the semester is over so I'll try and get on it more. I apologize to those of you who actually come read this thing. Maybe the easiest way to do this is to take Missy's advice about just posting my first three thoughts in the morning...haha