The BIG Story

In case you've never seen this Oscar nominated short it's made it's way to 'you tube.' Figured I'd share it as I think i've watched it abotu 5 times today. I wish I could frame through it. So awesome.

Great voices, great acting!! Editing, mini story. (get it...it's called big story..but i said mini...muwahahaha...uh...ah.) What more could you ask for. This is stop mo animation as well which makes me drool over it even more. So many great things in here it's hard to figure out where to begin raving.




nothing real interesting to post about at the moment (plus I'm being a bit lazy because I do have a rant about squash and stretch in animation that I'll write up one day). So I'll leave you with a draw'ring from my last trip to the zoo instead. We don't get to draw animals enough. "I" ....don't draw enough period (as you can tell)...these things will change though. So yea, not the best drawing but it was my favorite of the bunch.