2 in one day!

Crazy I know!! ...but speaking of gold.

Glen Keane artwork

dónde está usted?

So it's been a while since i've been able to post anything. Things are pretty busy right now so even this will be kinda short and boring, but if you care to know why I haven't been around it's because Ratatouille is draining my brain every day and I'm planning a vacation trip to Peru next month! I've obviously got shots on my plate that i wanna get done before I take off, so all that, along with actually planning my trip and doing day to day stuff is a lot of work.

Oh - for those of you in the Bay Area - I saw a play last week that was really...well...good...but bizzare....but good! Great characters and acting, it was really entertaining and I recommend you check it out if you can. It was called Hunter Gather's. I won't say too much about it othre than it was good and you should def. check it out if your in the area.

Meanwhile these World Cup games were a great distraction from work and trip planning due to all the drama a lot of players create just to get a call. I know it's not really pertaining to animation too much...but acting in general which is obviously entertaining to me. How much drama/acting can you get into one sports event? (not including basketball - that's ridiculous). I love all the emotions that flow from the World Cup games, it's so awesome. Anyways, I'm get'n lazy again and just babbling without making any sense so I'm gonna shut up and do some work. I'm gonna leave you with a gem from youTube. Check out the reactions of an Italy announcer vs. a French announcer (radio). I love how they react (or try not to react) when ones in the others personal space. They NEVER taunt each other directly which is hillarious...cuz deep down inside they gotta keep it together as professional announcers but you can see that hatred/fire building up inside on scrn right guy throughout each goal...great stuff.