Still working out the details on how to get my graph editor up here every now and again without doing anything that'll get me in trouble at work. So be patient with that. In the meantime, Bluesky's new trailer for Horton Hears a Who is up. Has some nice stuff in it. I love the emo style son at the beginning. Hillarious. I hope it's not too full of funny jokes all the time and there's a nice story involved. Either way it's inspired me for the day. Have a good weekend.




I think from time to time I'll throw up some random images of my graph editor. Obviously I won't be showing anything I can't, but when I was in school I was always curious to know what graph editors from other animators at major studios looked like. I think it'll be a fun new image to put up every once in a while. Stay tuned.


New Look

This setup isn't so bad after all...not too many choices out there for layouts but I think I've been happy with this one so I'm back to the old standy.....for at least a week or two. Heh. I don't even think anyone knows I'm alive over here since it's been about 12 months since i've updated this thing. Whats happened in that last 12 months...well lets see.

-- Ratatouille came out.
-- Few friends left the city. =(
-- Moved into a nice new place.
-- Started working on the Wall-E.
-- Got a few new awesome toys from Gentle Giant. Han and Chewy. Han's neck is ridiculously long but it's still cool.
-- Created an unhealthy obsession with Mocha's. That can't be good.
-- Taught a few classes at Animation Mentor
-- Got my motorcycle back up and running. Though sadly I'm considering selling it...but for a dirt bike instead.
-- Played way too much World of Warcraft
-- Got way too excited about this.

The last point I can't stress enough. Anyways, hopefully i can stay on it with updates here.



Fresh Start

Going to try and get back on the wagon and blog it up every once in a while. Starting by trying to make a new site that's more easy on the eyes. I'd love to change that nasty beige color to the left and right of this here blog but right now it's not really cooperating.