First Painting. . .. EVER

So as promised - and i gotta admit after seeing the painting again the following week this is a little embarrassing...but here's my first ever oil painting. Or "painting" for that matter...I think it's not too bad considering i've never dealt with 'painting' before, let alone colors or painting the human form!! Ok fine - it sucks, paints too thin - models proportions are off - it's a mess...i guess it's a good starting point =) What i plan on doing is taking these paintings into photoshop, and taking what i've learned each week and possibly push them a bit farther digitally - for fun.

So yea, we only had 45 min. to paint this - and learn about turpentine, layering, mixing colors and shapes. So it was a bit of a first crash course...but i'm happy to be learning new things so go easy on me. =P More stuff to come.

Hopefully - as embarassing as this is - i can look back on it and realize I've improved.


David Byrne

Oct. 7th. Erica's birthday....we went to see David Byrne at the Davis Symphony Hall in San Francisco. What an awesome show. That guy has his shit together. He's timeless also by the way...i couldn't tell you how old he is but he looked amazing. Maybe if i knew him personally or saw him super super close up i could gauge it better but... Anyways. It was an awesome show. We got there - first Tier up - middle of the theater. Excellent Sound...but no one around us was dancing or having fun - just sitting there watching the show. We got really jealous of the people on teh sides and in front of the stage dancing...imagine sitting in a theater with ants in your pants if you will. We saw an empty side booth close to the stage and decided - that's OUR spot!! We snuck over there through the hallways and nabbed it! No ushers stopped us or even saw us but it was fun to run through the halls like we were pulling a prank on the theatre. It was awesome. We could move around - dance - sit - sing loudly - whatever. It was a blast. Afterwards we went out for a few drinks to toast the creation of my gal and then went home. All in all it was a very fun night, even though waking up the next day wasn't so fun.

I highly recommend seeing David Byrne if you can. He puts on a great show - he's mastered his voice and is suuuuper youthful. I was worried it might be a boring show but I was obviously pleasantly surprise. High Five!


Wacom Woes

So in addition the oil painting class I'm taking I was hoping that i could persuade myself to also do some photoshop / painter (if i can get my old copy working) paintings...just for fun and to keep myself busy with some arts and crafts. Turns out my wacom pens tip is busted - the eraser part works but the tip won't register to the pad when i touch it. So now i'm trying to follow this other bloggers tip to possibly fix my pen....but the dang thing won't break apart.

Fixing a Broken Wacom Pen

Frustrating to say the least. On the positive side i get to paint again tonight in class!!


Take on Me (Literal Version)

This was passed around at work today. Thought i'd share. Gave me a laugh.


First painting coming later this week....

and obviously i can't decide on a design for this dang blog....like always