Numero Dos

Here's painting number 2.

Just as bad as number one in my opinion. I was a bit pleased the way the hair turned out though - but the proportions got all wak down near her booty n' such.
Full painting time was 1 hour (not nearly enough). Next week (painting 4) i think i'm gonna concentrate on a smaller area rather than the entire figure and maybe just work more on getting good tones / more solid range of color.

....we'll see.


First Painting Revisited

Here's the touch up job i did on the painting in Photoshop. I'm still even learning how to paint there but - i spent as much time as i think i wanted to on it (30 min) Just to clean up a few little things, and even still it could use a ton of work. Of course It's no master piece but it's pretty fun to start getting in the habit.

Painting number 2 coming up.



They just released the Teaser Poster for "UP." Releasing in May of 2008.

edit : here's a teaser for those who don't know what i've been up to.