Painting 3

I need to

A. Paint bigger (given the time we have to paint)
B. Use bigger brushes (see A.)
C. Get a better range of color
D. Paint bigger!!

one pic with the flash - one without. I never know what's the best way to get these onto the computer with the actual globs of paint i sometimes have in my paintings. Maybe I just need a bigger scanner, rather than using a camera. Plus side I think this ones better than my last 2, even though it has problems of it's own...i like it the best so far.


Giaco Hopper

2 more quick DS paintings from last night while watching TV. One's Giaco - our kitty who wouldn't sit still long enough. The second was my quick tribute to Hopper from a bugs life. (minus the cool bigger / smaller discolored eye thing he had)


DS Colors! Painting

oh man oh man oh man....I walked over to the mailbox at work today randomly assuming i had no mail, and whalla! My R4 Revolution for my DS was here! Super simple to get setup and I'm off! I love this Colors! program. I wish there was an undo button but whatever. Force me to 'think' about things before i paint them perhaps. Also wish it was a bit easier to draw to the edges but...Here's my first drawing tonight testing stuff out. An EYEBALL! heh.

I can't wait to take my DS everywhere! Super Sick. Best toy yet this year.