Last Class - 4 hour painting

I think my headless woman is still my favorite painting - just because of the abstract'ness / loose'ness of it...but i feel i accomplished some decent rendering / value in this one. I didn't worry that she's floating, I wanted to spend my time on the pose and colors, and figured i could paint in a box for her to sit on later. All in all I loved taking the class and I'll keep painting at home (got my supplies and smaller / medium canvas's all ready for free time).

My teacher taught me something i felt was super useful the last 20 min. of class that i thought I'd share. He said. Take 2 hours, paint some simple still life and get it as rendered and polished as you can. Then do the same painting in 45 min, see how it compairs. Then do the same painting again in 20 min, and then 10 min. It will help with figuring out brush strokes, and technic / processes / simplifying color. I thought that would be really fun to do and might be a good learning exercise.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's the last 4 hour painting - wish I went a little loose'r but whatever. It was a good learning exp.