Trial and Error

So this weekend I took the MAD'L i originally had painted and figured I'd try and get the head off. Well since I originally F'd up the process from the start by sanding down the original surface, then spray painted the figure with white paint (not primer like i should've) all WITH the head still on...I think i sprayed inside the head / neck joint area so when i tried to pull off the head (also without heating the area - bah) i broke the head right off. haha. I figure I'll chalk this one up to experience and use the surface to test paints and things like that since it was messed up to begin with. I then decided to draw on it with a sharpie (which i wont' do with the others I don't think). I just wanted to see how it felt to mess around on such a small surface and made it into a little emo sad boy since his head broke off. I might try and use some acrylics and paint over that design now actually, test some spray paints on the body (not dig'n those pants I drew anyways) and then super glue the head on when it's all said and done. Proly head over to the store tomorrow to check on some paint markers and other crap. Fun fun.


50% Done on my MAD'L Decision

I'm doing a custom MAD'L. I thought i really liked those Castle Crashers characters...and I still do, but i think i'd have more fun creating something somewhat more unique and personal. I told my fiance last night that I splurged a bit on these DIY figures (bought a 10" blank MAD'L, and 4 - 4" Blank Skullys) and to my surprise she was excited about it! Yay for spending money, heh. The other awesome thing was, she wanted to do one as well, so that'll be fun to see how our styles differenciate...wait, is that how you spell that? Anyways, I plan on getting all my supplies, or at least most of them this weekend and hopefully I'll have read enough forums to feel comfortable with diving into the process.

Might see Star Trek tonight too! FINALLY! ug.
OH, and started playing Fear 2 on my xbox last night - that game is def. creepy.


Custom MAD'L

So here's one of my 10 zillion projects I have going but have yet to finish. I mentioned it yesterday. My custom Mad'L figure. For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE the MAD'L vinyl figures. Here's a visual a blank one.

Mine looks pretty much exactly the same, they make DIY figures now that are 10" but mine was a duplicate copy of an older MAD'L from back in the day WAY BEFORE they started making DIY figures. I slaved and slaved over it, sanding it down and primering mine with white paint until it looked almost exactly like that DIY version above. It's also only 5" tall instead of the big dog DIY 10" guy. Oh and since i've already destroyed that other figure, I've come to find out that that particular figure is in high demand now and has doubled in value, but lets not think about that. Anyways, I'm still undecided on what to do with this guy. I've been playing a game called castle crashers on xbox360 and though i'd re-create one of those characters.

but i dunno. I sorta also want to just make my own unique character. I did some sketches that i haven't uploaded to the computer yet but I'll keep y'all posted. Here's a few similar examples.

Anyways. I hope i can make something half as decent as those two examples. I did also have another thought to re-create all the pixar characters...but that'll have to come in due time. Gotta get my methods down n' stuff.