Testing some paint

I messed around for an hour or so last night with some paint, brushes, pens, pencils...all on the vinyl to see what kinda 'feelings' i got from all this. Meaning, how the paint, pen, pencil, etc felt on the figures. I plan to do more testing and whatnot this weekend when there's some light outside so i can test spray paints, as well as maybe walk over to some shops and grab some other types of paint. I realized that the stuff i had at home (mostly for work on canvas and wood) wasn't thinning enough and was leaving brush strokes on the figure which i in the end don't want. So I got a little more researching to do. Can't wait for the weekend!!


New Toy

Got one of my DIY vinyls in the mail today!

Should have a 10" MAD'L on it's way as well!
OH and i beat F.E.A.R. 2 last night. Was easy, even on the hardest setting. Ending kinda sucked too. I'll rant about it more when i have some time. Lots of work to do!