Got real busy these last 2 weeks. Doesn't look like it's gonna let up much but hopefully this weekend i'll be able to mess around some more with this stuff. In the meantime I sorta experimented with some paints, resurfaced and primed the mini MAD'L head cuz i didn't like the face anymore. The nose started looking like a mouth, which i didn't want any confusion on. So I resurfaced it. Anyways, still have lots and lots of testing to do because i'm not sure this is the type of paint i'm looking for. Also the tape i used bleed a little, or maybe i painted too thick in that area, either way I gotta get THAT under control a little, you can see it mostly on the edges of the arms. The paint actually even looks much better than in the pics but whatever, not exactly what i'm looking for anyways. Here's a few little pics.

Oh and to make up for some lack of Toy updates...i did some 20 min. paintings for fun. No where near done, more of like work in progress' You can tell how lazy i got, i didn't even worry about definition anywhere, or attempted to hint much at shadows and layers. Just something to start with for kicks. Here's one regardless...