Once again

I'm a slacker. Things get hectic at work and I don't blog. Doing a bunch of research on the wedding front. Playing a lot of fun XBLA games. Somehow I don't feel bad paying 1200 MS points for a small game that supports new developers / companies, what have you. Haven't spent much time on my figures or paintings, though I will, i still sketch little doodles / ideas out for them in my down time which WILL get used.

PS. things I've played or seen recently that I really enjoyed.

1. District 9 (movie)
2. JCVD (netflix rental)
3. Shadow Complex (xbox 360 game)
4. Braid (xbox 360 game)
5. Street Fighter 4 (xbox 360 game)
6. The Wire - (HBO series on DVD) - soooo sad this is over.

K, back to work!